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Golden Milk. Turmeric Latte. Raw, vegan, keto.

An almost classical autumn drink for many, especially those integrating ayurveda in their diet and lives: golden milk. Aka turmeric latte, as the main ingredient, besides many more wonderful spices, is turmeric, which is known to have lots of health

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Nutfree Raw Vegan Keto / Lowcarb RawReos

Though O*reos in some countries may be vegan, they are everything else but healthy. Missing treats like this? Try to make your own! I already shared a recipe at Facebook and Instagram for raw vegan ketogenic O*reos (aka RawReos) some

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Recipe: Raw Vegan Ketogenic RawReos

Find the recipe at Facebook or Instagram! Feel free to follow me there for more recipes and inspiration. 🙂

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Recipe for Raw Vegan Ketogenic Mayonaise

Some days ago, i came up with this delicious, addictive and very nourishing raw vegan mayonaise. Slightly green, too – fitting in with my highgreen favourite dinners. 😉 I did it several times during the last days, and now want

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Nut Nougat Chocolate Cream, Raw, Vegan, Keto/Lowcarb – Recipe

No matter, how much i have to do (and there is a lot these days), i do eat at some point in between. So new recipes are coming up all the time. Lately, i created this new variation of a

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